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Korean dramas about pursuing dreams
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What is your dream life? How will you describe your perfect spring day? If you want to have a better life, you must always start with defining your goals and dreams. Once you have figured out what you want, then you are now ready to pursue your dreams. However, pursuing dreams and goals is never easy. You need to focus. You also need to persevere. It helps if you have passion for what you are doing. To have a clear idea on what it takes to achieve your goals, take inspiration in these some Korean dramas about pursuing dreams.

1. Dream High

Video Credit: KBS World TV

Dream high is about a group of young talented kids who entered the toughest art school in the country in order to achieve their dreams. It is a story of growing up, friendships and competitions among peers. It is about dedication and passion for the arts. Most importantly, it is about the desire to be successful in their chosen fields.

2. Dr. Romantic 1 & 2

Video Credit: Viu Singapore

Unlike the rest of the dramas where people had to start from the bottom to achieve their dreams, the dramas Dr. Romantics 1 and 2 are different in the sense that the leads are already doctors. However, something happened in their lives that got them reassigned to a small unknown hospital in the countryside. There, they met Dr. Kim, a genius surgeon who became their mentor. Dr. Kim helped them achieve their dreams of becoming better doctors. In addition, they also become better persons in the process.

3. Itaewon Class

Video Credit: The Swoon

Pursuing dreams is always a challenge. More so, if you have to start at the bottom. If you love stories about underdogs, then Itaewon class is for you. An ex-convict, sociopath, transgender, gangster, illegitimate son and a foreigner teams up together to open a bar in Itaewon. These misfits were able to overcome challenges together and rose to become the biggest in the food industry in the country. It shows the importance of a dream team in achieving success in life.

4. Last Empress
Video Credit: Viki Global TV

The Last Empress is a fictional drama set in a premise of a modern-day South Korea under a constitutional Korea. It is about a man who wants to find out the reason for his mother’s death and vows to take down the corrupt monarchy. Although the goal of revenge is something that should not be advocated, the drama shows how a weak person can rise to become a palace bodyguard who will be responsible in bringing about justice to a lot of people.

5. Record of Youth

Video Credit: Netflix Asia

This drama is about the lives of young individuals struggling in the world of entertainment. Known as the most cutthroat industry, it is notoriously hard to break and become a success in the entertainment industry. Find out how three ambitious young people from different social classes navigate their way in the industry to pursue their dreams.

6. Remember: War of the Son
Video Credit: Viki Global TV

Although it is a sad story that shows the dark and corrupt side of the law, Remember: War of the Son is a story of a 22-year old man whose main goal is to prove the innocence of his father. He becomes a lawyer in order to achieve his goal. It is a courtroom suspense drama that will bring tears and some laughter in your eyes.

7. Revolutionary Love

Image Credit: Asianwiki

Revolutionary love is the story of a prodigal son who was able to rise above his sheltered and privileged life to become an advocate for workers’ rights in their own company. Although he started not knowing what he wants in life, he was able to find love and purpose in the story.

8. Start-Up

Video Credit: Netflix Asia

Start-up is drama about the challenges and struggles in putting up a start-up company. It shows how young individuals work together in order to achieve their dreams. The drama also shares business lessons for young entrepreneurs who are starting their businesses.

9. The Entertainer

Imager Credit: LifefullofKdrama

The Entertainer is about a man who is already on top of his field as a music producer and talent manager who gave it all up to start his own business only to end up losing everything. It is a story of how he was able to get back right up on his feet and restart pursuing his dreams again. You will also see the character development of the main protagonist from an arrogant jerk to a respectable and kind-hearted person. The drama depicted how every adversity can make a person change for the better.

10. WWW

WWW is all about girl power. The three female leads have very strong characters. They are focused, strong-willed and successful in their own careers. It is not so much about romance but rather the advancement and job security of women in their professions. it is all about women empowerment in the workforce.The drama is a realistic portrayal of women trying to pursue their dreams in their professional lives in a male-dominated society.

Video Credit: Viu Singapore

Do you know of any other Korean drama titles about pursuing dreams?

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