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korean dramas to cry your heart out
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Are you having difficulties in your life right now? Is something weighing you down? It is normal for everyone to go through problems in life. That’s just how life is. Challenges are necessary for growth and success. What is important is how we react to these challenges. In order to rise above your difficulties, the first step is to embrace your pain. Embracing your pain means feeling your pain. Yes, it’s okay to not be okay for awhile. Give yourself time to grieve, to be angry, to be sad and to be frustrated. You can also cry your heart out to be mentally strong. Remove all that pent-up emotions. That’s the only way forward. If tying to make yourself cry is a little bit difficult for you despite your heavy burden, try watching some Korean dramas to cry your heart out.

Here are 10 Korean Dramas that can make you cry your heart out:

1. Angel Eyes (2014)

Park-Dong Joo fell in love with a blind and neglected girl, Yoon Soo-wan. They were forced to separate because of a painful family circumstance. They met again after twelve years. This time, Park-Dong Joo is already a successful surgeon while Yoon Soo-wan is now a paramedic after a successful eye transplant surgery.

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2. Autumn in My Heart (2000)

Two baby girls were swapped at birth. One baby, Eun-Su grew up in a loving family with a brother, Jun-Suh. The other grew up in poverty raised by a single mother. The swapped was discovered when they were teens because of an accident. Because of this, the girls were returned back to the their original places. Jun-Suh was deeply saddened with what happened. They lost touched when Jun-Suh’s family migrated abroad. Years later, Eun-Su met Jun-Suh again. They reconnected and resumed their sibling relationship but ended up falling in love with one another. Autumn in My Heart is a tale of love and loss.

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3. Contract Marriage (2016)

Kang Hye-Soo is a single mother who struggle to make ends meet. She is being chased by a loan shark for the debts incurred by her diseased husband. To make matters worse, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. To make sure that her daughter has enough money to sustain her livelihood towards adulthood when she passed away; Hye-Soo agreed to enter into a contract marriage with Han Ji-Hoon . Ji-Hoon will give Hye-Soo enough money in exchange for her liver, which he needs in order to save his mother who desperately. needs a liver transplant. It is drama about family, hope and love.

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4. Hi Bye, Mama! (2020)

Hi Bye, Mama! is a story of a ghost, Cha Yu-ri who refused to leave the earth because of her attachment to her husband and newborn child. She died 5 years ago in a tragic accident and now given a second chance in life. She must reclaim her place back into her family’s life before the 49 days is over or else she will die again and this time, for good. The only problem is that her daughter barely knows her. Her husband on the other hand had just started to live a new life with his new wife after the going through the excruciating pain of losing her. Although the story is unrealistic, it leaves a very powerful lesson on life, regrets and the value of cherishing your loved ones while you still can.

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5. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryo (2016)

A 21st century woman got transported back to the year 941 in the Goryeo Dynasty during a total solar eclipse. She woke in the body of Hae Soo and befriended the royal princes of King Taejo. Remembering her history lesson that there is famous tyrant king who killed his brothers to get to the throne, Hae-Soo did her best to try to change history. She knew that the future king is going to be one of the princes and she did not want to see the princes killing one another for the throne. She ended up being caught in the middle of the bloody fight among the brothers.

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6. Queen for Seven Days (2017)

Based on a s true story, it is about the tragic love story between King Jung Jong of the Joseon Dynasty and Queen Dan Gyeong, who was dethroned from her position after only 7 days. Queen Dan Gyeong is known as having the shortest reign as queen in the history of Korea. It was said that the King and Queen spent the rest of their lives longing for one another.

Video Credit: KBS World

7. Road No. 1 (2010)

Road No. 1 refers to the road that connects Seoul, the capital of South Korea to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. In the story, Lee Jang-woo joined the military so that he can have enough money to send her childlhood sweetheart, Soo-yeon to medical school. Soo-yeon studied hard and became a doctor while she patiently waits for Jang-woo’s return but one day she received news that Jang-woo had died in battle. After some time, she then decided to put her past behind and marry officer Tae-ho Shin. However, on the eve of her wedding Jang-woo reappeared again. On June 25, 1950, the Korean war started and the two men were immediately sent to fight in the frontiers and the two became comrades in the battlefield.

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8. Stairway to Heaven (2003)

Song-Joo and Jung-Seo grew up together. Their parents are close friends. They share common dreams and goals. They also both share the pain of losing one of their parents when Song-Joo’s father died in a car accident while Jung-Seo lost her mom through eye cancer. The two learned to depend on each other for emotional support. Their world crumbled when Jung-Seo’s dad remarried. When her stepmother moved in, she brought her scheming daughter, Yoo-ri with her. Yoo-ri is jealous of Jung-Seo and made her look bad to the family. She also likes Song-Joo and did everything to get his affections. The story is about how Song-Joo and Jung-Seo lost one another and the sufferings that they had to go through in life. It also tells about how they found one another again after so many years only to lose each other once again.

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9. That Winter The Wind Blows (2013)

This is a story about a gambler and con-man Oh-Soo who pretended to be the long-lost brother of a sole heir of a large corporation, Oh-Young. Playboy and cold-hearted Oh-Soo has been targeting rich women, but his plans took a turn when he fell in love with the unsuspecting blind heiress, Oh-Soo. He ended up helping her fight those who have been manipulating her.

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10. Uncontrollably Fond (2016)

Shin Joon-young and Noh-Eul were inseparable and very much in love when they were young. They had a painful break-up because of uncontrollable circumstances. They met again as adults when Noh-Eul, now a documentary producer was tasked to film a documentary about Shin-Joon-young, now a popular singer-actor. The drama is about the pain, frustration and struggles of living and finding the true meaning of life.

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Special thanks to Lyrie and Isabel, certified Kdrama fanatics, for making some of the recommendations.

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