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reset your life challenge
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Are you happy and content about where you are in your life right now? What aspect of your life do you want to improve? What dimension of your overall wellness do you wish to become better? If you are having problems right now, the good news is that you can actually reset your life or just a specific aspect of your life but you must be willing to make some changes. It won’t be possible if you keep on doing the same things over and over again. So, are you willing to take the reset your life challenge?

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

– Albert Einstein

1. Assessment

To improve on any aspect of your life, the first step is assessment. Find out where you are right now in terms of your physical health, emotions, finances, relationships or any other aspect of your life. The only way to go forward is to honestly assess your current state.

2. Be responsible

You are where you are right now because of you alone. You are having problems with your physical health because you have not been taking care of your body. A healthy immune system can fight off any diseases or viruses. Your finances are in a mess because you have not been taking care of them. It is the same in every aspect of your life that is failing. It is not because of your parents, your boss, the government or anything. It is all a product of all the decisions you have made in the past. So, stop blaming others. Instead, be responsible for your life. Stop blaming others. The sooner you will accept responsibility for your life, the sooner you will be able to take control of your future.

You are what you are today because of the choices you made in the past.

– Jim Rohn

3. Visualization

The next step is to figure out where you want to go. How do you see yourself in the future? What is your ideal life? Visualize yourself living that ideal life. You don’t have to worry about whether it is possible or not. That is what dreams are for. In fact, the bigger the dream, the better. It helps to start by creating your own bucket list.

4. Creation of Goals

Now, it is time to create a bridge between your present life and your ideal life. The only way to do that is to make a connection between the past and the present through goal formation. Goals are supposed to be SMART. That’s the only way to achieve them.

5. Launch

Once you have concrete plans, the next thing to do is launch. The sooner you implement your plans, the sooner you can achieve that better life. What are you waiting for? Start now and look forward to a better tomorrow. When the clock strikes zero o’clock later, it is a promise of not just a new day but a new life.


Once you start, learn to persevere. Perseverance means having the determination to continue despite all the obstacles and challenges that come your way. Don’t quit. Never give up.


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