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The Best Options Among Us
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Have you ever wondered to yourself: who are the best options among us? Who are going to be successful in their careers, their relationships, and in life in general? Which among my family members or friends are helpful to my own life journey?

We all move around different social circles. In this way, we get to interact with different types of people. Some of us have family members that we love but are difficult to get along with. Others, have that one friend that always annoys the other members but they remain friends with that person, anyway

The People We Surround Ourselves With

The people that we surround ourselves with and the situations we put ourselves into makeup our reality. However, not everyone in our social circles are who we perceive them to be. This is not because they want to deceive others. This is only because, people present themselves in different ways to different people. Unless we have known someone more deeply; we will never be able to realize their true character. Are they a part of the best options among us?

There are many monsters among us, it’s true. But there are heroes too.

— Amie Kaufman

Even the people that you think you know deeply may surprise you sometimes. This is because people can, and do change as they grow from their life experiences. Those who do not grow or are unwilling, will be left behind as others move on to pursue new goals and nurture new relationships.

The Situations We Choose to Engage In

There are situations that we keep coming back to, even if they are unpleasant. We do it for various reasons; because we need to or because the familiarity is somehow comforting. They are not necessarily the best options among the scenarios.

We find comfort among those who agree with us and growth among those who don’t.

— Frank A. Clark

The situations you choose to put yourself in will change with time. Everyone and everything around you can change along with your personal growth. You will find that you need to leave some relationships behind that have served their purpose in your life. You realize that you will have to stay away from situations that don’t contribute to your goals.

The Best Options Among Us

In your current place in life, ask yourself – Who among us are going in the same direction in life? Who have similar goals? Which of us understand each other the most? Are there any among us in the same situation right now? Which are the best options among us right now?

We may wish to embrace everyone who comes into our lives. But who among us are truly helpful to be around with? Most of us want to engage in situations that we are comfortable in and familiar with. However, it is important that we learn to differentiate who and what benefits us and which may potentially harm us.

Just trying to get along with others is not enough. You need to be aware who among the others will your time be most productively spent with. Being aware of your surroundings is also important in creating an environment that is conducive for your personal growth and success.

Among us, who are those that can serve as role models? Who are the best options to choose? Among us, who are those that we can look up to? These are the people that we should try to learn from. From these examples, we will also learn to differentiate the persons and situations that will best help us overcome our challenges and get closer to our goals.

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