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What is A Good Day?
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What is a good day to you? How do you have one? How do you measure a good day? Not all our days can be said to be good days. The good thing is, we have the choice to make our day good or bad.

Start the Morning Right

One sure way to have a good day is to get a good start. Do you have a morning routine? What does it consist of? Starting your day right puts you in the right mental state and gives you the energy to get through the daily grind. Your morning doesn’t have to be perfect either. Sometimes, you may need to skip one part of your routine to stay within your schedule. That’s totally fine. Just do better the next time and stay consistent.

Appreciate the Little Things

For the rest of the day, be sure to drink water, take your meals on time and don’t forget to take breaks and indulge in some fun. We often forget to take care of ourselves. We have become used to being busy as a measure of productivity. If you are stressed, anxious or too tired, you won’t be able to enjoy each moment. Did you even appreciate the taste of your morning coffee or favorite lunch? Be mindful of the things that you are doing. Learn to appreciate the little things. Slow down if you have to. You won’t be able to appreciate the good in your day, if you don’t feel good yourself.

End the Day with Thanks

At the end of the day, it’s time to evaluate. Was today good? What made it good? This is the time to be thankful. In your gratitude journal, review and be grateful for the things that made today a good one. Little things, coincidences, surprises, the people who made you smile or comforted you or helped you. These are some of the things that can make up your good day. Include this as part of your night time ritual. Be sure to indulge in some self-care and get a good night sleep to ensure a good start daily.

A good day depends on what you consider good about it. As you continue recognizing and acknowledging the things that make your daily experience good; you will attract more good things into your days. When you look back, you will be surprised that you can count more good days than bad days in your calendar. You might want to encourage your friends to find the good in their day as well. Ask them: What’s good about today?

Feature Image: Original Photo by Jonathan Sebastiao on Unsplash.

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