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feeling uncomfortable in life
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Each one of us is supposed to live a happy and fulfilling life. But how come, sometimes, life becomes so difficult? Things continue to happen around us which are beyond our control. We can’t help but feel sad, anxious, uncomfortable and depressed even. So, what do we do when we are feeling uncomfortable in life?

Time for Change

When we start feeling frustrated with the things happening around us, that’s the universe’s way of telling us that it is time for change. It is needed for our growth and metamorphosis as an individual.

When it is time to make a change, the universe will make it so uncomfortable for you that you will have no choice but to leave. When you are not happy in a situation, don’t stay in denial and try to make it work. The world has better plans for you, trust in the process and do your part by aligning yourself with the things that you want. The rest will be history.

– Unknown

Remember that all of us are born with a certain purpose in life. And that an event that angered and frustrated you may not necessarily have the same effect for other people. In fact, it may be taken as a good thing from their point of view. For example, not getting the job that you applied for means someone else got it. And for sure, that event made that person happy.

Why that person and not you? That’s because it is sign from the universe that you are on the wrong path. Just because others became successful in that path does not necessarily mean that you will too.

Of course, you can always just settle, pray and hope that things will get better someday. But that is not how success works. If you continue to stay in this state, you will just wake up one day full of regret wishing that you have made things differently.

What you deny or ignore, you DELAY. What you accept and face, you CONQUER.

– Robert Tew

Success Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone

Remember that success always happens outside your comfort zone. It is not going to come to you out of the blue. You need to come out of your shell and pursue it. Anything that is uncomfortable, especially if it is persistent is a signal for a fresh start.

What does it mean to get out of your comfort zone? Getting outside your comfort zone simply means doing things that you are not comfortable with. These include:

  • Going to unfamiliar places
  • Talking to strangers
  • Doing an extreme activity
  • Exploring new possibilities
  • Making changes to your daily routine
  • Learning something new
  • Facing your fears

In short, it is all about taking risks. Since we all have different risk tolerance, it varies from one person to another.

Learn and Grow Through Life

Life is all about learning and growing. It is not just about surviving. That is how we increase our mental wellness. It is about adapting to change, listening to signs and following where it leads us. Give yourself time to feel sad and frustrated. It’s okay to not be okay. But don’t dwell on it. Move on and solve the issue at hand. That is how you will successfully navigate this journey called life.

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