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How to Find a New Hobby
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Are you thinking of how to find a new hobby? Maybe you already have one but you want to try something different. Here are some ways to discover, or rediscover, a new hobby to indulge in. Hobbies not only help you combat boredom; they are also a fun way to help you focus on your goals. Plus, they can help you unleash your genius.

Go back to your childhood

What hobbies did you have before you started working? What activities did you enjoy most during school activities? Go back down memory lane and list down the things that you enjoyed doing then. You might recall a particular hobby that you were fond of. In fact, you might remember that you still have your tools or materials. If this is you, then you can easily take up that hobby again.

Take a self assessment

Your interests might have changed and you may no longer be interested in pursuing the same things you did when you were younger. Take a self-assessment. Make a list of the topics you like talking about with friends and family. Write down the activities that you enjoy doing on your own or with other people. From this list, review each item and cross-out those that you don’t really want to try out again. Whatever is left should be the things you can pursue as a hobby.

Ask your friends

If you want a new perspective and learn more about yourself in the process; then get together with a group of friends (or talk to them individually), or have your friends make suggestions. Ask them what hobbies they think you should have based on how they know you. You might be surprised by their suggestions, and even more surprised by how your friends see and think of you. This is a quick and easy way to find a new hobby.

Try out new things

Finding a new hobby can be an adventure in itself. If you don’t want to write down lists, go down memory lane or call up your friends; then why not start trying out new things? There’s tons of tutorials for various DIY projects online. You only need to choose one and see if you enjoy it. If not, move on to the next until you find one that you want to stick with. This is definitely a fun way to find out a new hobby for yourself.

Transform what you do

Perhaps you don’t really have time to indulge in a hobby. In this case, why not make a hobby of what you already do? Yes, you are doing what you do to earn an income but you can start enjoying it even more if you think of it as a game. Try challenging yourself and giving your self a reward for accomplishing the challenge. Wouldn’t that make work as fun as pursuing a hobby? Just make sure the rewards you give yourself are helpful instead of distracting you from work.

These are jus some of the ways you can discover a new hobby that you can enjoy. Having a hobby helps you to find joy even during tough times. It lets you breath and re-energize yourself so you can take on more of what life has to offer. What other tips do you have for finding a new hobby?

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