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Make Your Day a "Good Day"
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How do you make your day good? Everyone of us have certain conditions that can “make or break” our day. Some of these may or may not be under our control. Usually, the things that happen to us upon waking up tells us how the rest of our day will go. How do you increase the possibility of having a good day instead of a bad one? The choice is up to you.

Make Your Self Feel Good

Choosing to make your day good, or not, is completely up to you. You can still decide that you will have a good day even if it didn’t start out particularly great. The choice is yours on how to change a not-so-great morning into something good. The challenge here is to decide to start your day by doing something good, as soon as possible.

There are many things you can do to improve a bad morning so it doesn’t get worse. Focus on doing things that can help you improve your mood. Remember that even if you will have a hectic day at work; your personal time can be just the opposite. Do something to calm your mind and body first thing in the morning.

If you feel that a 10-minute soak in the early morning sunshine is what you need, then go for it. You can even close your eyes and breath your way to relaxation. If meditation is your thing, then sit and just be. Put aside your worries for a few minutes and just enjoy being yourself, by yourself. When you have relaxed yourself; then you will have more energy to focus on all your tasks and To Dos. You will also notice that you become more appreciative of the good things that you see around you.

Similarly, try to end the day by doing something good. This can be cooking your favorite food; writing in your diary or gratitude journal; or engaging in a hobby like playing the guitar, doodling, painting, etc.. At this time, you should be trying to wind down to prepare for sleep. So try to choose activities that are relaxing and enjoyable to help you ease your thoughts and body. A good example is a relaxing night time beauty routine while listening to soft music. What other ideas do you have to turn your day into a “good day”?

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