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Refreshing Date Ideas for Cheap or For Free!
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Don’t have the budget for a date? No worries! Here are some refreshing date ideas for cheap or for free that you can try.

Staying indoors is always an option with these staycation ideas. Watching movies? Spend on some popcorn and drinks or on other snacks of your choice. One of you got cable? Netflix and chill is definitely a fun option.

A “cheap date” doesn’t have to be a boring or even a negative experience.

No one wants to end up just sitting opposite each other (also called the dinner date) trying to talk. No one wants a date where you end up just sitting beside each other (the inevitable movie date after the dinner). It’s definitely time to try something new. Observing proper etiquette for the new normal when going out for your date is always a must.

Date at the Park

Exploring places near your area is a good way to spend a date without spending too much. Your local park is a good place to start and there are many things you can do. Be sure to check first the park’s opening and closing hours or if they are open at all.

A date at the park is cheap and fun.
A date at the park is cheap and fun.
Photo by Alan Quirvan on Unsplash
  • Feed the ducks, the swans, or the fish (whichever animals they have)
  • Take pictures of things you like and/or of each other
  • Get a good place to sit and try to sketch each other
  • Play a board game at any of the available tables and benches (suggestions here and here)
  • Rent a bike and ride together or learn from each other
  • Make yourself a couple of sandwiches, bring some drinks and have a picnic
  • Bring your favorite instruments and practice together or serenade each other
  • Watch an actual game (e.g., basketball, etc.) or tournament (e.g., chess, etc.) for free
  • People-watch and make stories of the interactions these persons may have
  • Watch a concert at the park (usually for free)

Spend Time with Nature

Being surrounded by nature is always a good way to loosen up and get more bonding moments together. Here are some things you can do to get closer to nature and to each other. Time in nature is one of the often taken for granted date ideas that’s cheap or even free.

Watch the sun set together.
Watch the sun set together.
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels
  • Do some gardening together (try out these indoor plants)
  • Go hiking or trekking at a nature trail near you
  • Go biking thru a trail or a nearby location
  • Watch the sunset together at the beach or on top of a hill
  • Visit a public garden and take pictures
  • Join a free Tai Chi class (usually held in open, public spaces)
  • Do a photography walk of a local nature trail
  • Get out a mat and attempt some yoga moves together
  • Walk your dogs together

Be Sporty Together

Are you both sporty or just want to flex your muscles? Try out some non-contact indoor sports or check out your local listings for some free classes or fund-raising events where participants can join for free. Or, check out your neighborhood for convenient locations where you can indulge in sports activities and learn more about each other.

Try wall climbing with your date.
Try wall climbing with your date.
Photo by Allan Mas from Pexels
  • Workout together (indoors or outdoors)
  • Do your yoga (indoors or outdoors)
  • Go walking, hiking, biking or running
  • Go roller skating or skateboarding
  • Play badminton or tennis
  • Go wall climbing
  • Learn the hula hoop
  • Join a zumba class (usually for free, in the park and in some malls)
  • Make your own kite and learn how to fly one (may not be an actual sport but offers a great workout)
  • Join a free Tai Chi class (outdoors)
  • Cheer for your local team during their practice or an actual game

Go on A Cheap Adventure

People watching is the cheapest adventure of all. All you need is someone to talk to as you watch people and the world go by. Been there and done that? Try out these other cheap thrills.

A road trip is cheap and fun.
A road trip can be a fun date experience.
Photo by from Pexels
  • Volunteer for a cause (bonding moments + giving back = winner!)
  • Indulge in some art at the local museum (entrance fees are cheap and sometimes free)
  • Window shopping for the things you both like
  • Go to an antique store and browse around and maybe learn some history in the process
  • Go on a road trip with your local bus or jeepney (be sure to pay the full round trip fare) or on your car (check out these road trip tips)
  • Travel to the next town and pretend to be tourists
  • Watch a free movie or concert outdoors (check out your local listings)
  • Watch a free theater play at your local community
  • Go to a food market and enjoy some of the free taste offers
  • Go on a food trip of different street foods
  • Make a small fire outside and admire the constellations

Date at Home

The weather not permitting you to go out for a date? These are date ideas that you can enjoy indoors for cheap or even for free.

Serenade each other for a romantic date.
Serenade each other for a romantic date.
Photo by Mẫnn Quang from Pexels
  • Cook together (with whatever ingredients you have on hand)
  • Have a laugh night with YouTube videos
  • Draw or sketch each other
  • Get some crayons and/or water colors and learn how to paint
  • Play board games or video games (be sure to maintain the sportsman’s spirit)
  • Play a game of darts, pool, cards, etc.
  • Learn or practice your favorite instruments (and serenade each other)
  • Compose a poem or song together, or write a story for a play or movie
  • Get crafty and make DIY projects like repurposing and decorating shoe boxes
  • Learn crocheting or have fun with origami
  • Study a magic trick together
  • Practice a dance routine or sing-along to your fave songs
  • Plan a trip together (consider these under rated destinations and check out air travel in the new normal)
  • Make yourselves some great coffee and just have great conversation

Going out has restrictions at this time. Luckily, a virtual date can be fun. There are many online services offering virtual tours and other fun activities that you and your date can enjoy. Be sure to prepare to look your best for this virtual event.

These are just some refreshing date ideas that you can enjoy for cheap or even for free. Whatever your date plans are, be sure that you both have fun.

Updated. First published on Pinoy Smart Living on 24.10.2018.
Feature Image: Original Photo by Jonathan J. Castellon on Unsplash.

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