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self-confidence begins at home
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Are you a confident person? Did you know that your self-confidence begins at home? How we see ourselves today is a product of how we were brought up as children. Our self-esteem is shaped by how much we felt loved and adored as a child by our parents.

Building Self-Confidence in the Early Years

Look back into your childhood. Did you feel unconditional love and acceptance from your parents or from the people who brought you up? Were your accomplishments praised? On the contrary, have you ever felt that you were not good enough?

Studies reveal that a person’s confidence level was developed during childhood. Even as a young child, a person with a high sense of self-esteem is happy, proud, secure and feels accepted. On the other hand, an insecure person feels incompetent and lacking even at such a young age. They are self-critical and always doubt themselves. Thus, this means that the love, encouragement and attention that you received as a child molded your sense of self-worth.

Hidden Messages of Water

Dr. Masaro Emoto is a bestselling author and internationally renowned Japanese scientist. He discovered that water molecules when exposed to positive words and intentions creates a beautiful molecular formation. However, negative words create the opposite.

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For example, the image above is the formation of molecules as viewed on a microscope. The water was exposed to the words or music indicated. In relation to this, the human body is made up of 60% water. So, this means that the words that you have been hearing since young which you now believed to be the truth have greatly impacted your being. Hearing “I love you” or “you are not good enough” has a contrasting effect on the individual.

Believe in Yourself

Thus, it is difficult to believe in yourself if you have been hearing the opposite all these years. And this is what self-confidence does – the trust and belief in one’s abilities and judgement. Without it, it is hard to keep up with life’s challenges, much more to handle setbacks and failures in life. We cannot undo the past but we can change this negative belief about one’s self by loving yourself.

If you are a parent, the greatest gift that you can give your child is to make them believe in themselves.

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