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Signs That You Are Enjoying Occupational Wellness
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Day dreaming in your job instead of working in your dream job? Not all of us may be working in our dream job yet, but we still need to ensure our occupational wellness. Here are some signs that tell us that we are at least enjoying occupational wellness in our work life.

Remember that occupational wellness means “being able to achieve a balance between work and leisure with the freedom to make choices that promote personal satisfaction and career growth.” So the following signs should be taken into consideration with the end goal of achieving work-life balance.

A Sense of Purpose

Your current job may not be your dream job or your life purpose but at least what you are doing in your current job should give you a sense of purpose. You should have a clear understanding of how your work affects other people in your work place and/or outside it. In this way, you have a sense of satisfaction or accomplishment when you do a good job for a project or when you finish your tasks each day.

Developing Your Strengths

Usually, you are hired for the job because you have the skills to fulfill the job responsibilities. However, what you do should also help you hone your skills further through both practical experience and gaining new knowledge. You should have a sense of improvement in your tasks and projects as well as in your relationships with the people you are working with. Being excited to flex your skills and knowledge in your workplace is one of the signs that you are enjoying occupational wellness.

Motivational Challenges

One of the ways to develop your strengths and to gain new knowledge and experience is to tackle on challenges. You may be assigned new tasks or given bigger responsibilities in your job. Special training may be provided you or your company welcomes you taking some time to train yourself outside of work. These are healthy challenges that help you grow in your career. If you have the confidence to tackle the challenge then welcome them with enthusiasm. Be open to the change and the future possibilities that it can bring.

Healthy Communication

A healthy working environment includes clear communication lines. When you are giving a challenge and you think you need help; then you should be able to do so without fear of any repercussions. Being able to talk to both your superiors and subordinates about your job expectations and challenges, as well as toxic workmates and situations, are good signs that you are enjoying occupational wellness in your career. This also means being able to talk about how you want to improve in your job and how your company can support your goal of improvement.

Healthy Boundaries

Your job should allow you to have a life outside of your job. You should be able to spend adequate time with your family and friends while being able to perform well in your job. Your home life should not suffer because of your job and vice versa. Vacations and sick leaves should be treated as such and respected. Unless it’s an emergency; you shouldn’t have to worry about your work while on your family vacation. In the same way; you should be able to focus on your work and not be distracted by your family members unless it’s your break time.

If you think your occupational wellness is suffering; then check out some ways to help you improve your occupational wellness score.

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