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unlock the magic in your life
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Life does not need to be sad, boring, monotonous and depressing. It can be fun, thrilling, exciting and full of magic. It . Magic here means the realization of the impossible and the experience of something new. It is going on new adventures and trying out things you have not tried before. Yes, magic can happen in your life but only if you are open and willing. Here are ways on how to unlock the magic in your life.


Do you remember when you were a child? What was your dream then? What did you want to be when you grow up? A dream is a desire for something new in your life. Many people got trapped in making a living that they forgot their childhood dreams while others are simply scared to dream for fear that it might not come true. But in order to achieve the life that you want, you need to start with a dream. A dream is like a seed that you should plant first in order to succeed.

Nothing happens unless first we dream.

– Carl Sandburg

Start dreaming. Get a piece of paper and start redesigning your life through a bucket list.

2. Live with a Purpose

Everyone has a purpose in life. Your purpose in life is your reason for existence. Having a purpose creates meaning in our life because it influences your behavior and decisions. A purpose also gives you energy everyday. When you wake up in the morning, you know right away that there is something that you need to accomplish.

How to find your purpose? Well, your purpose has something to do with your genius, the unique talents and gifts that you are born with. Unleash the genius within you and you will find your purpose.

3. Try Something New

When was the last time you tried something new? By trying something different, you are going out of your comfort zone. It helps build confidence and boosts creativity. It also helps break the monotony of your otherwise boring life.

Trying something new does not only pertain to crossroads in life. You can also apply it in the little things like trying out a new restaurant or ordering something new on the menu. It can also mean listening to a new genre of music, watching a different show or trying a new activity. This can also be helpful especially when you travel. Going to new places will help you expand your world. It is all about new experiences.

4. Spend Time with Nature

In a world full of worry and stress, spending time with nature can help you recharge. It gives temporary refuge and offers peace and calmness away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It boosts creativity and productivity. A walk in nature is good for both mental and physiological health.

Spend time with nature. Go to the beach. Walk barefoot in the sands. Practice grounding. Climb a mountain. Go to the forest. Play with animals. Watch the sunset.

5. Have Fun

Do you take your life too seriously? When was the last time you had fun? Having fun releases happy hormones like serotonin and endorphins. You will feel good. It relieves stress. It also leads to better relationships with others. Have a good laugh, read and watch happy stuff. Eat good food. Play games. Add fun into your life.

6. Love

Have you ever been in love? When you are in love, you can’t help but think of the other person all the time. You grin absentmindedly. Suddenly, the world seems to be a great place to be in. That’s the magic of falling in love.

There is nothing more magical than love. Nothing.


So, what are you waiting for? Put magic into your life. Open that magic shop.

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