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How to Conquer Your Fear
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How do you conquer your fear? Technology has brought us many conveniences in life. It has also enabled more people to be aware of more things that they can both enjoy or fear from. The types of news we often hear from our TVs or online don’t help the situation either.

Fear is a serious issue that many of us are facing today. Some people are worrying so much that they have developed anxieties, panic attacks, even depression. Some fears stem from traumatic events and have become phobias. No matter what your fears are, living with it is not the purpose of your life. Taking steps to conquer it and be free from fear eventually, is the only way you can live a more comfortable, fulfilled life.

Here are some tips on how you can start to conquer your fear, big or small.

1. Acknowledge Your Fears

Unless you first identify your fears, you won’t be able to take steps to manage it. So ask yourself: What is it that I am always worried about? What is the worst-case scenario that I fear happening? What do I keep avoiding the most? Of course, if you have already been diagnosed with a particular phobia, then you already have your answer. Sit with your fear for 2-3 minutes if you have to. Practice mindfulness so you can better identify what triggers your fears as you go about your daily life.

2. Breathe Thru Your Panic

Realizing your fears often results in you being in a state of panic or being paralyzed into inaction. Either way, the first thing to keep in mind is to breathe deeply to calm yourself down. Several things will be happening to your body, to your emotions and even your thoughts all at once. But remain focused on your breathing until you reduce the jitters and you can think and speak clearly. Try meditation so you can practice breathing to calm yourself. Learn more about having the proper mindset in times of crisis to help you manage your anxieties.

3. Visualize the Positive

One way to help you cope with your fear is to visualize the positive side of things. Fear comes from a specific part of the brain. So use a different part of your brain to cancel that signal. Use your imagination to your advantage. Visualize yourself enjoying your life without your fear. Try to use the magic shop technique. What will happen if your are free from your fear? What will you do if you do not fear xxx? A bucket list or a vision board is a helpful way to do this. These tools also help you develop a more positive mindset.

4. Use Humor and Nature as Your Therapist

We all know that laughter and being with nature can help us feel better. In the same way, putting a dose of humor to our imagined worst case scenarios somehow reduces its negative effects in our mind and even emotions. You can do this by talking to your close friends and family members or watching a funny movie together or by yourself. Spending time with nature is also a great way to keep your mind off your worries, anxieties and fears. Take a walk in nature with a close friend. You can consider nature as an extension of you safe space. Don’t think of your fears and focus on the beautiful scenery, the fresh air and the calm surroundings instead.

5. Don’t Try to Be Perfect

The best way to conquer your fear is to do it gradually. Stop trying to be perfect. Do not expect to be free from your fear after one therapy session, for example. Be gentle with your self. Be kind to your self. Freeing yourself from fear is a healing process which takes time, effort and patience on your part as well as courage to keep trying. So lean in to your fears once in a while just to test the waters. Don’t try to avoid it but have supportive people with you who can help you cope. This way, you can measure your progress and learn more about how you can manage your fear.

While you’re trying to conquer your fear one day at a time, don’t forget to love yourself, be grateful for your blessings, to have fun, to keep believing in your self, to not give up, and to keep looking for the magic in your life.

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