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how to find the perfect partner
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Do you believe in destiny? It is a belief that somewhere out there in this vast universe, one person is created just for you? And just like magic, you are supposed to find each other among the rest of the crowd and live happily ever after? For some people, this is what they refer to as soulmates. Intuitive readers and spiritual gurus will tell you that yes, there are soulmates. If you believe in reincarnation, these are people in which we have strong connections with in our past lives. So, if there really is such a thing as a soulmate, the question is how to find your soulmate? How to find the perfect partner?

What is A Perfect Partner?

If I ask you, what is a perfect partner for you? How will you answer? Society will tell you the characteristics of what a perfect partner should be. An ideal partner should have the total package – good looks, sculpted body, status in society, wealth, good education and all other physical attributes. Of course, there are also the ideal personality traits such as honesty, respectful, affectionate, caring and many other positive traits. If you get lucky and find that so-called ‘perfect partner’ as described by society; the question now is, are you the perfect partner for that person?

So think about it. And ask yourself again, what kind of person is the perfect partner for you?

Who is Your Perfect Partner?

Have you ever played a jigsaw puzzle? In a jigsaw puzzle, you are supposed to connect the pieces together to form a picture. But each piece is unique. Out of all the pieces, there is only one unique piece that will fit in one side of the puzzle. So finding a perfect partner is similar. You are unique. Every one of us has our own unique traits, talents and personalities. So how is it possible that your definition of a perfect partner is the same as everyone else?

To know who is your perfect partner, you need to be very clear. about one thing. That is who are you?

How to Find The Perfect Partner?

1. Find the Real You.

The first step in finding the perfect partner is finding yourself first. Who is the real you? And I’m not talking about that version of you who is deeply programmed by society. Neither am I talking about your persona or the mask that you wear in front of society. I am referring to your authentic self. Ask yourself the following questions:

2. Be Authentic

Ever since the moment that we are born, we have been programmed to think and act by society. Only a few people are fortunate enough to find their true self. So once you find your true self, the next step is to be authentic. It is difficult to always maintain a facade in front of others. Remove your social mask. If you are scared that the perfect partner will not accept you for who you are then that person is not the perfect person for you.

3. Love Yourself

Aside from being true to yourself and taking care of yourself. Loving yourself means accepting your totality not just your positive traits but also embracing your shadow self. It is only by loving and respecting yourself will other people learn to respect and love you.

4. Attract the Perfect Partner

Once you have learned to accept and love the real you, you will naturally attract the perfect partner. Remember that everything is energy. You are energy. You will automatically attract the right person if you are in the right frequency. Like attracts like.

Begin your journey of self-acceptance. Trust in the universe. Trust in life itself. And most importantly, trust yourself. And soon, you will not only attract the perfect partner but also all the blessings that are meant for you.

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