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What is Your Current Level of Wellness?
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One of the many frustrations many people have in their lives concern their physical health. We are obsessed with trying to achieve the perfect bodies similar to the models we see in magazines. But we are frustrated because most of us cannot afford the lifestyle required to achieve and maintain such a body. Similar to our goals of financial success, a perfect-looking body has also become a status symbol. However, the state of our bodies as well as our wallets and/or bank accounts do not provide a total picture or measure of our wellness. What is more important is your current level of wellness.

There are several dimensions of wellness and being able to pay attention to all of them should be our goal. Being able to achieve complete and holistic wellness is a major factor in your success.

The stress of the daily grind affects us mentally, physically, socially, psychologically and even economically. Before we fix anything, let us first try to get a clear picture of our current level of wellness so we can plan the best approach to improve ourselves.

Answer the questions for each of the dimensions to assess your overall wellness. It would be helpful if you make a pie chart or a graph of your results so you can compare your development and improvements in the future.

Are You Well?

A Balanced Life

After answering these questions, you should now have a better perspective of your current state of wellness. Take note of the items where you had a negative answer and think about how you can improve them in the following days.

This quiz is in no way, a comprehensive list of the things that you need to do or can do to balance out each dimension of wellness in your life. However, it can serve as a general guide on what areas of each dimension you should try to develop to achieve overall wellness.

The only way to achieve wellness in all dimensions is to live a balanced life. This can be a difficult process but it is not impossible. As long as you take the necessary preparation, planning, remain committed and consistent to your goals, then you can achieve a balanced life that allows you to enjoy holistic wellness.

Updated. First published on 2020.03.16.
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